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Preparation for your MRI scan

The MR procedure typically takes from one to two hours. During this time you will need to remain still on a comfortable padded table that goes into a large tube inside the imaging magnet. Because of the very strong magnetic field, you must not bring any metal into the MRI. If you have a pacemaker you will not be able to participate. If you have any metal plates or pins it is important that you tell the operator before you enter the magnet. For your comfort, we suggest the following:
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable, clothing. Sweat pants and sweat shirt are ideal, as they have no metal zippers or other fittings.
  • Bring only the minimum number jewellery items (watches, rings, earrings, etc.), as all of these must be removed prior to scanning.
  • In rare cases, certain types of eye makeup - especially eye liners - may cause problems with the MR images. You may wish to come without makeup to avoid having to remove it for the scan.
  • For several hours, avoid drinking coffee or other diuretics that may require you to urinate often, as you will generally not be able to use the restroom for the duration of the scan.
  • The BRI MRI lab is set up so, where appropriate, you can listen to a CD or watch a video during much of the scan.
  • Very rarely, people feel uncomfortable, or claustrophobic, as a result of lying inside the magnet bore. If you are concerned that this might be the case for you, please tell the investigator requesting your participation. In the vast majority of cases, watching a video or listening to a CD is very helpful.
If, for any reason, you are unable to make your appointment, please do us the favour of letting us know as soon as possible. Please call reception on (03) 9496 4076. If your scan is today, and your call is answered by a machine, please leave a message and then also try the direct line to the MR suite on (03) 9496 4380. Thank you.

Informed consent form and further information

Please note that prior to participating in a study, you must read and understand a supplied information sheet and then consent to the study and MR procedure. See the links below for an example information sheet and informed consent forms:

Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf):
  Example information sheet
  Example study informed consent form
  MR informed consent form

Get a picture of your own Brain!

Many volunteers have expressed interest in seeing the features of their own brain. Upon request, we give each of our volunteers a picture of their own brain as a way of saying thank you for participating.

Thank you for your willingness to participate.


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