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:: Fee schedule ::

The Brain Research Institute subsidises MRI scan costs for research, resulting in rates that are usually no more than charged by 1.5T MRI departments. Access by outside parties is encouraged - please see our access policy.

The rate stipulated below is based on total time of using the scanner room. It is not based only on the scan time of acquisition sequences, but is inclusive of setup and any other factors that contribute to scanner time being occupied

Time required for a study will be determined by our Chief Radiographer at the commencement of the study and conveyed to the user.

Research Study:

A$360 per half hour inclusive of setup time (plus GST) from 1st July 2012.

Commercial Study:

A$720 per half hour inclusive of setup time (plus GST) from 1st July 2012.

:: Cancellation Policy ::

Flexibility in arrangements will be attempted. Responsibility for the patient turning up on time is with the chief investigator of the research team. If a subject does not arrive for an appointment or if notice of cancellation is less than 48 hours the full amount of the study will be charged. If multiple subject ‘sessions’ are booked, cancellation must be at least 5 working days or this time will be charged.


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